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Never Alone | Admin Application

Never Alone is a telehealth ecosystem that connects patients with Care Givers and Providers in order to help them age in place. While working at Digital Scientists, I was lead designer for 2+ years, working to help craft an end-to-end HIPAA compliant family of patient facing and back end products. This project overview is focused on the backend Providers and Care Partners product.


  • Miro

  • Figma

  • Adobe Suite


  • 2 product designers

  • 1 researcher

  • 4 - 7 developers

  • 1 project manager

My Role

  • Lead Product Designer

  • Research

  • Workshop facilitator

  • Visual design


  • 2021 - 2023

Never Alone | Admin Application

Ecosystem in context of front and back end users.

Ecosystem Overview

Never Alone is an ecosystem of products that helps participants connect with healthcare providers and care partners. We designed and developed both the patient side applications as well as the provider and care partner portals. In total the ecosystem consists of:

  • 7 products total

  • 3 participant applications

  • 4 back-end organizational portals


After completing a patient facing telehealth application for seniors, our client identified a problem with their current backend setup. A combination of Amazon Chime, Tablaeau and Salesforce was being used for calling, reporting, and records management, but the system was fractured and problematic.


We were tasked with consolidating all of this functionality and improving on the experience, customized to our unique product ecosystem. We needed to create a HIPAA compliant, EHR and queue management system with calling and reporting.

Never Alone | Admin Application

Research Methodologies and Overview

At this point, we had already been working the Never Alone team for over a year. We had mainly focused on the end users, but had become very familiar with the Providers and Care Partners, both personally, and from a day-to-day activities perspective. Our initial research consisted of:

  • Discovery and precedent study

  • Site visit and documentation

  • Remote surveys

  • 1:1 Interviews

Never Alone | Admin Application

Information Architecture | Consolidating different participant types into a top level, drop-down navigational category.

A more Refined and Focused Experience

This project was initially specifically for Care Partners on a very specific size screen setup. It slowly expanded to providers, admins, on-boarders, and more. This then compounded when it shifted from an internal solution to a B2B SaaS offering. A unknown amount of undefined roles and use cases demanded a need for flexablity. The initial design had to be overhauled, this included:

  • Maximize screen space for smaller screens

  • Rethink and remove unused components

  • Re-architect layout for responsiveness

  • Centralize and systematize calls and tasks

  • Rethink IA for primary navigation

Never Alone | Admin Application

The evolution from a busier layout and side navigation to a cleaner consolidated top navigation.

Never Alone | Admin Application

The home screen sorts, categorizes and prioritizes tasks and calls for the day in one place using a system of colored tags.

Centralize Calling and Tasks

One of the biggest opportunities and most cited issues with the legacy system was the separation of tasks and the call queue. Users couldn't tell which had priority. We created a consolidated view with color coded tags to streamline this.

Never Alone | Admin Application

Reporting visualization showing Care Partner's shifts overlaid with missed calls.

Accountability and Reporting

Another capability we were able to consolidate was reporting. Previously outsourced to third party software, we had the opportunity to integrate reporting features directly into the admins view within the product.

Nursing Facilities
Never Alone | Admin Application

Home | An incoming call is being previewed before being answered.

Never Alone | Admin Application

Call Portal | An active call

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